Friday, March 8, 2013

NFP release - Above Beyond Expectations

EURUSD is down after the NFP release.

The data on the left is above beyond the expectations.

EURUSD - Trading with NFP

Well, many people asked how to trade news for pair like EURUSD. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine the direction but both directions are still ok as long you put your stop loss.
Below are the expected directions for EURUSD after the NFP news release :- 

1. Within expectations  - EURUSD rise a bit
2. Beyond expectations - EURUSD down
3. Beyond above expectations - EURUSD down
4. Below expectations - EURUSD Up
5. Beyond below expectations - EURUSD Up

Ok, Remember always put your stop loss after placing your trades.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trading based on Price Actions!

Most of the time, traders like us failed to determine the price actions. Well, I give you some tips, indicators mostly use to determine the trend lines and the divergences but candlesticks are the price actions. If you want to be a successful trader, you must learn japanese candlestick. For example, what is doji candle? Doji is formed when the indecision occurs between buyers and sellers. Most of the time, when doji is formed, there will be a reversal to the trend but that you need to wait for confirmations before you decide to place any orders.

Looked at the price actions formation in the chart above. You'll see the engulfing, dark cloud, lots of dojis and piercing lines.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

EURUSD - One more slides to the next lowest since ...

EURUSD has extended to a fresh year low at 1.2336 levels not seen since July 2010. Be careful at this level which may going upwards if the correction breaks 1.2470 or it may further to its lowest at 1.2310/1.2275 . Risk/Ratio is very high and always put your stop whenever you place your orders.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

EUR/USD extends slide below 1.3950

EU continues to slides down and now below 1.3950.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Forex Manage Account with PAMM

Picture above shows a snapshot from google about forex manage account. What's that really?  Since, Metatrader was introduced to the market, lots of assisting tools came along like customized signal, indicators and auto trading. And, then came FOREX MANAGE ACCOUNT using all these tools to ease trading hassles. Good things are lot of people still have their conventional jobs and avoid to sit in front of their computer for hours. If we're in this category, then FOREX MANAGE ACCOUNT suits that well. I personnally had sign up with one of the forex manage platform and it's so cheap to start with. You just come out with USD500.00 to start where a USD500 will be use as a trading margin.  If you like this idea, just give a try and signup here . REMEMBER, put my referral code 454363 on top of the registration form before proceed with your details. The signing is FREE and with no obligation, in fact you will receive SMS/E-mail notification after completing your registration. 

The pre-registration will expire after one week you signup if no money receive by the company. Need more information, you can drop me an e-mail to . The website can be surf here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Simple Trick - Daily High Open Low Close

Hi again,

It has been long time that i do not write in this blog but trust me I will always update this blog whenever I have time to do so. Do you know that what makes the price chart or chartist? Price isn't it.. You will be able to know what is the basic things that every trader should know when placing the trades. Let say we have one product to sell and we let the market to determine the price based on demand and supply mechanism. The product price will always find the old prices whenever the demands increase or decrease likewise the currency prices. It will always starts with an open price and when it near to close the trading day, the closing price will assume. So, what is the trick? Well, logically if the previous day open price higher than today open price then you will know that the trend is going down and if the open price of yesterday lower than today's open price then the trend is going up. Do you follow me?

That's it for today and i will continue this subject tomorrow. Cheers.

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